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How To Get Your Screenplay Picked Up

Adam Scott

If you’ve had your script read by an agent, then you’re halfway there.

However, most scripts are read by agencies at a junior level, and a lot of work needs to be done in order to get your script “picked up.”

In other words, the publishing and development pipeline needs to be set up in order to get your script put into production.

Given that movies cost a lot of money to make, there’s a much bigger marketing and financial aspect to the movie business than your typical screenplay writing world.

First, the film has to find an investment vehicle or investors, usually a distributor. The film should find an executive producer and a first-look deal at a studio.

Once the distributor has acquired the film, they will launch a theatrical or direct-to-video release. If it has a high enough budget, it’ll move to limited release.

Finally, a release for the film will likely involve a TV broadcast, and the release will also include DVD and Blu-ray, plus digital releases and home media.

Then you should get a theatrical release overseas.

Finding an investorwhite printer paper on green typewriter

As I mentioned before, it’s all about finding an investor. So, before anything else happens, you need to find an investor.

This is where things get very tricky. You might have a great script and not be able to find an investor.

If you don’t know anyone with the right connections, then that’s when I would recommend you start attending scriptwriting workshops. Not only will you meet a bunch of people interested in scripts, but they’ll help you with your pitch.

I also recommend participating in an incubator program. They usually have a lot of seed money and they do all the hard work for you.

Then, once you’ve found an investor, that’s when you can start making the movie. However, before you do any of that, you need to lock in a distribution deal.

This is the tricky part. You can spend years trying to lock a distribution deal and the movie might never get made.

While I don’t advise this route, the truth is that a lot of films never get made for a variety of reasons.

As long as you can be realistic and understand that, then you should be able to make your movie.

However, you should be smart about how you make a deal. If the distributor is affiliated with a streaming company and you still want a theatrical release, then you should only agree to a deal that will give you the best theatrical release possible.

In other words, they can help with the deal but you’re still the one that’s going to run the film. So, you need to know that.

Lastly, you need to have a great script.

That’s not just the thing that will get the film made.

You should be able to sell the film to the right outlet and get it distributed successfully.

If you’re not able to sell your script, then I’d recommend you focus on writing a different screenplay.

Main stages of a traditional movie development and release pipeline

  • Finding investors
  • Writing the script
  • Finding a distributor
  • Launching in the theaters/television
  • Making your movie

How to make money as a digital nomadDeveloper’s mug

While waiting for your manuscript to get picked up, we made a quick guide to help you decide which platforms you should be using to make money blogging.

We made a quick guide to help you decide which platforms you should be using to make money blogging.

Everything you need to know about copywriting

As a writer, you will face many challenges. Sometimes, you will be given difficult and challenging tasks.

Well, the reality is, most writing tasks will never be fun. Even when you are struggling with a challenging task, you should always remain focused on the results you are trying to achieve.

Let me show you some of the challenges of copywriting.

Signs you are doing something wrong

When you write something, chances are that it will not be perfect. It will not be perfect because, as writers, we all make mistakes.

Usually, the mistakes we make can be corrected. But if your writing has become very poor, I strongly advise that you change your writing approach.

There are various reasons why a writer might need to change their writing approach.

These can include the following:

  • A writer has reached a level of maturity and knows what to do and what not to do.
  • A writer is under a lot of pressure because deadlines are close.
  • A writer is in a competitive environment.

However, the one common reason why a writer may need to change their writing approach is because their writing is no longer helping them.

Just writeready for notes

The most common and accessible form of writing is to simply write. This is an easy and convenient way of writing.

For example, if you want to write about cooking, you can do that.

Or if you want to write a movie review, you can just type it.

Do not worry about formatting, formatting is optional. Just put the writing on your blog.

Often people worry that they are not good enough to write online courses, or online documents.

If you are thinking of writing a course or document, just try it and see. I have seen many writers go on to become successful writers because they had an idea for a course or a document.

So go for it.


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