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How To Sell A Screenplay On Reddit

Adam Scott

This article will discuss how to sell a screenplay reddit submission, through the recommendations I’ve made throughout this blog. However, when a person does not have a creative vision, they cannot write a screenplay. They cannot sell a screenplay.

There’s a big difference.

Creating a screenplay is an enormous talent, a tremendous amount of hard work, and a fantastic technical skill. Many of you have the ability to do this, and if you can, then please send it in to me.

In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to write your own screenplay. The better your screenplay, the greater your chances of receiving a response from someone in the entertainment industry.

So, how do you sell a screenplay? I’ve found this to be one of the most challenging aspects of writing and selling screenplays, and I decided to find out how to do it myself.

Many writers approach screenwriting from a strictly marketing perspective. You pitch, and try to make your screenplay sound like a blockbuster. You edit your script for plausibility.

This approach is brilliant for some, but is extremely flawed for other screenwriters.

I, myself, do not do this.

I write scripts without a marketing plan.

Sure, I’ve written marketing plans for the scripts I sell. I’ve always considered this aspect of the screenwriting game a great asset.

You have to be ready to sell the story, and it doesn’t have to be a slick or business-like pitch.

It’s important to understand what is needed in a screenplay marketing plan

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You are not a business, and you are not a business plan. You are a storyteller.

From a marketing perspective, the fact that you don’t sell screenplays the way your friends or marketing friends sell them doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sell screenplays. In fact, I consider this to be one of the key strengths of screenwriters.

If you don’t understand how to sell screenplays or the market for screenplays, then you should hire a professional to help.

All you need to do is sell your screenplay, and that’s it. You don’t have to think about strategy, or find the right marketing plan.

You don’t even need a marketing plan.

You just have to be a storyteller, and be prepared to sell your screenplay.

If you sell a screenplay, congratulations! You have demonstrated that you have what it takes to write, and sell, a screenplay. The rest is up to you.

The buyersRed white and black labeled box

In all honesty, I think there are a number of reasons why someone might submit a screenplay to me. These are all valid reasons for doing so, and in my book, that makes them valid selling points.

  • They trust me and what I do.
  • They know I won’t take their money and send them back to the drawing board.
  • They know I understand their script, and that’s important.
  • They trust me.
  • They like my name, and they don’t want anyone to think bad of me.
  • Their story makes sense.

Most often, these reasons are true. They wouldn’t submit to me if they thought I’d do anything to tarnish their reputation.

They want to see a screenwriter who they believe is honest, and who they know will do everything in their power to help them succeed.

The truth is, they have a lot of money, and a lot of time to spend on something that’s not paying them.

They may not have great experience with screenwriting, but their story seems to make sense. I may not have worked on their movie, but they might have told me some things I could make sense of.

If the script is truly good, then I can usually find some points that make sense to me, and I can usually see some things they missed.

For example, I recently sold a script to Warner Bros. based on a treatment that someone wrote 10 years ago. My original reaction was, “what is this?” I was wrong.

It had everything I had been looking for in a script. It was a great story.

It was well-written. It had great characters.

It was funny. It had great stakes.

My gut told me, “this is an awesome idea, I’ll work on it”, and I spent a month and a half working on it.

I sold it to Warner Bros. at a $1,000,000 average gross. The final sale was about $6,000,000, but the sale price, assuming it earns enough money, was more like $6,500,000.

There is no way to prove how good or bad the story is, but I can read between the lines, and I can read between the lines very well.

Again, it’s all about the script. It’s about the story.

It’s about the characters. It’s about the strategy and execution.

If you can write the story well, and you have great characters and a good story, then you can sell your screenplay. That’s it.

When selling a screenplaybook, dog, fairy tales

  1. Don’t expect anyone to read the script.
  2. If you write the script, but don’t read it for a month or two, and then ask your friends to read it, that’s too long. You need to start pitching it now.
  3. Start out as a person interested in the script, and not a person who will be interested in the sale.
  4. Start at a reasonable price.
  5. Work with a list of people who will be interested in the script. Send it to the best agents and managers you know. If the people you send it to buy it, it’s working
  6. Don’t send to everybody who might buy it. Start with the people you think will buy it, then try to branch out, but don’t sell it to people you think won’t buy it.
  7. If you have to sell a lot, do it like Charlie Sheen.
  8. Don’t start out with your heart, and then your head, and then your gut. Start with your brain, and then your heart.
  9. Don’t sell the script for the price, then raise it, and then sell the script for a higher price. I’ve never heard of this, and it doesn’t work.
  10. If you have a producer to work with, and you think you have the talent to sell the script yourself, then do it.
  11. Don’t think you need a traditional film studio to sell the script.
  12. Don’t start out with big executives at Hollywood studios.
  13. Once the script is sold, don’t wait 10 years before selling the sequel. If you can, get it up on a digital distributor (like Crackle or Amazon Instant Video) and start working on it now.
  14. If you need a new screenwriter, and you can afford them, consider getting an RFP out for the script. You might get someone interested and see your list, and buy the script from them, if they aren’t too busy.


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