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How To Start Your Acting Career At 13

Adam Scott

Remember I said you can start your career at 13? I bet you've got that dream in your head of becoming a Hollywood superstar.

Well, you'll probably want to know how to make this happen.
Well, first of all, you'll need an agent.

Before I go any further, it is very important that you understand one thing. A great agent will not only represent you as an actor, but they will also be your friend.

This is the key to a successful relationship. As a teenage actor, you are only as good as your closest friend.

Your agent will help you through the whole process and it is essential that you do exactly what they tell you to do. They'll also help you to get into the right colleges and make sure that all your paperwork is in order.

As a teenager, your parents aren't going to understand why you want to become an actor and the first people you want to tell are your parents. It's their job to support you and guide you in the right direction.

Once you've found an agent, you need to make sure that you pay them on time. Being late on the payment of a bill is a very big no-no for any company.

The first question you should ask your agent is, 'How do I sign my name?' As an actor, signing your name on film has the potential to really raise your profile and make you a star.

The next thing you need to do is, get a manager. No matter how old you are, you need a manager to represent you. Why? Because, managers get you work.

Here are some general rules to follow before going into the warzone.

  • Ego: Do not participate in the "I'm the best, and everyone else is a hack" attitude. Every time you feel like you are special, it's the opposite of the truth.
  • Concentrate: Your homework should be taking time each night for one-on-one work with your instructor and the teacher of your class.

Modeling is pretty nicewoman in black crew neck shirt

Modeling is probably one of the best industries to get into at 13. Because modeling is for the younger age group, you are more likely to get a green light for auditions, as well as continued guidance and coaching throughout your career.

If you want to become a model in a specific area, start modeling at 13. For instance, you can become a model in swimsuit, editorial, or commercial modeling, depending on your own interest and time availability.

For some ideas, you can take some modeling classes through the community college, the community arts center, or a local school. It is a great way to learn some great skills that can help you later in your career.

Become an extra

One of the biggest, yet cheapest ways to get into the entertainment industry is to become an extra. Acting Classes are expensive, and some studios charge $150 per hour.

To become an extra, you do not need any of those things, but you do need a personality to be memorable in your short time of being in the background of a video or TV show.

Obviously, you do not want to wear anything that will be distracting. You do not want to yell or make a scene when the director yells "Action."

Instead, you should come to set with a smile on your face and be ready to smile while people are talking to you or asking you to perform some ridiculous and funny choreography.

If you are not already doing extra work, or simply looking for extra income, take this opportunity to start. It will not be easy, but it will pay off in the end.

If you have friends that are willing to work on their craft, ask them if you can do an extra shift, and your door is always open to someone who wants to learn the craft.

If you do not have any friends to ask, try Craigslist.

What if you don't have the skills or time?woman wearing black jacket exhibiting

One of the toughest situations that teenagers can go through is that they are not getting the results they want on their ACT, SAT, or other standardized tests. You may be frustrated because you cannot find jobs or internships.

Since you are a teenager, you should not have the time or skills to get a job or intern in your field.

To address this issue, you should look for internships in an area of your interest.

Many internships take place in Washington D.C., New York, or Los Angeles, so research those locations.

Internships are great ways to learn more about your interests and how the entertainment industry works. If you are interested in the music industry, you can intern at an agency or music publishing company.

If you are interested in being a journalist, you can intern at a TV station.

If you need extra money, apply for work at retail stores in these areas.

You do not need a full-time job right now, so applying for internships is your best option. If you do not get an internship, do not fret, as you have many other things to consider.

Other steps to considerman and woman sitting on chairs

Another valuable piece of advice is to take part in a test-reading course. These are courses offered by universities and organizations, where you will be paired with a peer or coach to read scripts and act out parts.

It will be an incredible learning experience. You can also try acting classes with some of the training programs listed in this article.

Once you have done some of these steps, you can start setting up auditions and contacting agents and casting directors.


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