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Adam Scott

Have you ever noticed how many different types of people watch the same show? There are very specific groups, or cliques, that each person belongs to. If you look online, you can find lots of talking points about which shows are meaningful for which type of person.

This is definitely not a new concept. People have been classifying TV content into categories since forever! But this way is much more systematic — it’s based on measurable qualities like what genres the shows belong to and what messages they convey.

In this article, we will be looking at one such genre and message category: the mystery. We will also be looking at one particular show within that genre: The Great American Bake-Off!.

Mystery stories focus on solving a puzzle or problem through logical reasoning. They often use clues and evidence to help identify the villain and understand his/her personality. These mysteries usually begin with something unexpected or strange and then unfold over time.

The characters in a mystery story typically feel emotional towards each other, but there are some who feel angry or off against others. This changes as the season progresses.

The writers of The Great American Bake-Off! clearly knew their mystery genre well because they paid special attention to these traits in the setting up the show.

Breaking Bad

television show ed

Walter White is an ambitious man with big plans. He always has dreams of bettering himself, both financially and personally. A college graduate, he now wants to go back for his master’s degree!

He also had dreams of a house full of kids and a family that loves each other. All these things are gone now.

But before all of this happened, Walter made one very bad decision. It changed him forever.

Breaking Bad tells the story of how he got there and what effects it had on those around him. While some may think that watching TV shows like this makes people want to do similar things, I believe the opposite is true.

I hope you read my article “Why People Love The Amazing True Story Series Breaking Bad” and learned something about why the show is so powerful.

Now let’s look at some reasons why this article will make you feel much better. These eight points will take away most of the weight from the topic ‘Are television shows like How To Make Sure Your Kids Will Successfully Grow Up Single really help shape young adults?’

Here they are:

Television shows like How To Make Sure Your Kids Will Successfully Grow Up Single don’t influence good decisions

This article said that how to successfully grow up as a parent influenced by television teaches children that being rich and successful means acting aggressively towards others.

You’re Ugly But You’re My Love

television show ed

I have always loved television, it has been my favorite form of entertainment since I was very young. When I was nine years old, I would spend hours watching The Simpsons every week!

I eventually got into other shows such as Gilmore Girls and Friends, and then later House, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Seinfeld. All of these show me how to make fun of people and feel things for characters.

Television is a beautiful thing that teaches you many different lessons. It can be funny, emotional, suspenseful, and even educational.

It is your place where we find ourselves laughing at horrible situations being caused by horrendous people in atrocious circumstances. We also learn about relationships from TV shows like How To Bake A Cake and The Bachelor.

But beyond those two examples, there are no real morals given to the audience. Sometimes they will give an idea or lesson but mostly it is just eye-opening material to see what terrible things humans can do to each other.

That is why I believe that television can influence kids not only for good but bad. Even if it is totally wrong, they may get inspired by certain behaviors and actions.

Sex and the City

television show ed

Many have referred to this show as “sexy,” but what makes it really special is that it also teaches people how to be good human beings.

The term “good person” may sound vague or even clichéd at first, but I believe there’s solid proof that sex and the city actually helps us become more self-conscious and conscious of other people.

It teaches us about relationships by having characters in different stages of life interact with each other.

By witnessing these interactions, we are given examples of good behaviors and bad ones. We can then apply these lessons to our own lives.

There are three main components to being a “good person” according to Carrie: living your life with intention, practicing altruism, and understanding the importance of self-reflection.

Living your life with intention means focusing on what you want out of life and taking actions to get those things. This could include studying hard so that you can achieve your dreams of becoming an architect or doctor, investing in yourself by learning a new skill or technology, or starting a business that you will truly enjoy.

Practicing altruism refers to caring not just for others, but also for the betterment of society as a whole. Being generous and sharing resources with all parts of the world is a way to practice this.

Self-reflection is something that most advanced humans know, but never seem to put into action.

The Office

television show ed

With the recent news of The Office being revived, there have been many conversations about what it is that makes this show special. For those who have never watched an episode, The Office is a sitcom centered around the workplace stories of five employees at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The show follows the everyday lives of these characters as they interact with each other both internally and externally to their jobs and personal life.

It is well known how the show ends, but what people may not know is why the show ended in the first place. At its core, The Office is a show about friendship and teamwork, and how we influence one another’s self-confidence.

As shown throughout the series, when one person feels confident in themselves, others around them feel more comfortable and confident in themselves because they perceive the individuals in the surrounding area to be likeable and competent.

This internalized confidence can easily trick us into thinking that you are good enough, which helps you perform your job better. When you go through the motions without too much conviction, this effects your colleagues and coworkers.

This was very apparent in the finale where Dwight finds out he has been made department manager, leaving him feeling unprepared and underqualified for the position. His co-workers quickly confirm his lack of preparation by showing little to no enthusiasm towards the announcement and most notably, refusing to congratulate or shake hands with him after the event.

Full House

television show ed

In the early seasons of The Goldbergs, we saw some references to an Uncle Jesse who lived with Greg and his family. As time went on, it became clear that this character did not exist and was instead made up for the show. However then in season five they introduced a new uncle named Eddie (played by John Ross Bowie). He is very similar to Uncle Jesse but does not live with the Goldbergs and he is not related to them at all!

His reason for coming over is so he can take care of them while their parents are away on vacation, which makes sense since the episode where he first appears is called “Vacation”.

In the scene, he introduces himself as being a cousin of Adam’s and says how much he looks up to him because he is such a hard worker. After explaining why he has to leave right now, he asks if anyone needs anything before he goes, which seems normal.

However, what isn’t normal is when he starts taking off his shirt. At first, I thought he had clothes underneath but soon learned that he didn’t. It looked like he just wanted to be completely naked but he covered himself up until everything melted into one long stream of white fluid.

After that happened, everyone started coughing really badly and there were no towels anywhere. Luckily, someone found a robe that would work and Eddie left after putting it on.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

television show ed

While Midge is trying to juggle work, her kids, and life in general, she seems to be having a hard time relating to people. She often feels that they are not talking to her directly but instead through their interactions with each other or via text messages.

Her job as a waitress requires her to interact with lots of different people every day so this can sometimes make it even more difficult to relate to others. This show really highlights how important it is to put away your phone at times and just enjoy what you are doing together as a team.


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