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Television Show Elementary

Adam Scott

In an effort to bring back some of that classic sitcom feel, there have been many attempts to create new shows with lessons or stories focused around something other than just being rich or poor, having a great job, or searching for your true love.

Television show elementary teaches us about different themes and concepts through storylines and examples. They teach you things like teamwork, self-confidence, compassion, and understanding others’ points of view.

The setting is also very elementary school level — think desks, chalk boards, and teachers who are always wearing sweatshirts and jeans. This gives it a feeling of authenticity which makes the show more believable.

Many people can relate to these types of settings and small groups so there is an audience already built before the show even starts!

Overall, this article will talk about five important lesson styles used in television show episodes. These include: confrontation, argument, debate, discussion, and problem solving.

Second show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s episode is called “The Bad Guys Won!” We follow our group as they celebrate their success in catching Mr. Mzoe, but soon realize something is off.

They begin to notice that everyone seems distant — no one is talking or interacting with anyone else. Even Principal Anand seems distracted and put-on her game face.

This makes our heroes suspicious and worried. They wonder if someone might try to re-enter the school under an assumed name next. So, they make some calls and do some research into whether people are actually coming back to work after the break.

It turns out that this isn’t very common and there aren’t many resources available online about it, so our protagonists decide to take action.

Third show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s episode is called “The Bad News Bears Go To The Academy!”, a reference to the classic movie The Bad News Bears as well as the recent news that the TV show Grown-Up Time goes out of its way to make light of how much death and destruction it features every season.

In this week’s installment, we follow our main characters — all in their early twenties — as they attend an advanced technology training program for high school students run by retired generals.

They are trained in computer science, physics, engineering, and more. All four heroes must work together to save the world from a cyber threat when everything seems lost.

This show really highlights how important it is to teach young people about other fields than just teaching or medicine. By educating kids on different career paths, they can find careers that match who they are as individuals and help them understand themselves.

Fourth show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s fourth episode is called “The Bad News Bears Go to College.” It features our heroes going up against The Bad News Bears, an almost-pro basketball team in their college town!

In this episode, we see Coach Daniel trying everything he can think of to motivate his players before giving up and just letting them play as they want to. He even goes so far as to pull out some bad news — but it turns out that Bear has done something very good!

After realizing how much everyone else was relying on him, Bear does some spring cleaning at school and gets all A’s for an exam. When Coach Daniel confronts him about this, though, he learns that not only did Bear study hard, he also studied a lot!

He learned how to make himself busy so that he didn’t have time to miss home or worry about Mom and Dad, which helped him get through his difficult situation. And now that he has graduated high school, he doesn’t need to be distracted by homework anymore!

This makes him happy, which is what really matters.

Fifth show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s fifth episode is called “The Bad News Bears Go to College,” and it features our heroes as middle school students!

In this one, we meet Peyton, an over-achiever student who doesn’t quite know how to relax. She keeps working hard and studying hard, and now she needs help finding somewhere to go college next year.

So her parents invite the rest of their sons’ football team to be their guests at their university for the academic semester – which they hope will inspire some confidence in them.

But when these boys enter the room, they realize that not all of these kids are like them -– the ones with supportive families. Some don’t even have dads!

It makes for an interesting season finale because you get to see just what kind of friends Peyton has -– and why she needs them.

Sixth show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s sixth episode is called “The Joker, Part 1″ and it features The Joker (Jordan Gredd) as our villain!

In this one we see him taking control in an elevator, making some ominous remarks to Harley before she puts up her own struggle for survival against him. Once they get out he makes his way towards the school where there has been an explosion that left several people injured, including Principal Reuben Harkin (Ryan Handlin). He then takes off with what looks like a gun made into a sword.

He arrives at the hospital just in time to save Mr. Hardy from death due to blood loss caused by his gunshot wound. While helping heal Mr. Hardy, The Joker reveals himself to be not only very intelligent but also self-aware. He seems aware of how much pain he was putting Mr. Hardy through and even uses this to his advantage.

At the end of the episode we see The Joker leave the scene of the accident wearing his trademark purple suit along with a mask which resembles that of clown makeup.

Seventh show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s episode is called “The Joker and the Writing Machine.” It takes place in an abandoned warehouse that has been converted into a writing workshop for young writers.

A group of kids are working together to write a short story when they run across some old typewriters and manuals. One of them, Harley, starts messing around with one of the machines and discovers it can be used as a portal. She uses it to go through different portals and ends up in another world- which happens to look just like our own!

In this new setting, she comes across someone who looks exactly like The Joker from Batman. He introduces himself as The Writer and invites her to come work for him. While he seems very friendly at first, he soon gets dark and sinister.

He tells her about how he creates his stories by taking what people do and putting it into situations where they feel most vulnerable or exposed. Then he rewrites the narrative so it benefits only him. He says everyone needs a little bit of power to believe in themselves and give their dreams a chance, but no one ever gives you that opportunity. So he makes sure none do.

Harley tries to get away, but he catches her every time and manipulates her more. Before long she believes everything he says and does not put up a fight when he asks her to help destroy all hope and let him take over the universe.

Eighth show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s episode is called “I Am We, You Are He/She!” and it was written by series writer Nicole Dubé and directed by Shaun Miyai.

The episode begins in the present with Francine trying to teach her students about fractions while also juggling work demands. She puts more pressure on them when she assigns an essay topic that requires using a fraction as a ratio.

When one student raises his hand and asks for help solving their assigned problem, she realizes that he doesn’t know what a ratio is. Frustrated, she takes a break and grabs some snacks.

Meanwhile, back at the Griswold house, Barry and Roger are having another argument over whether or not they like children. After finding an empty chair, Barry decides to join Roger for dinner so that he can watch him eat his food with him.

Roger agrees but before they sit down, he goes into the bedroom and gets dressed in his best suit. When he comes out, he finds Barry waiting for him wearing his own good clothes and no shoes. They both begin arguing again until Barry calls him out for being too self-conscious about his weight and lack of confidence in himself.

Roger apologizes and the two men make up before sitting together for dinner. During the meal, however, Barry notices something odd about Roger’lls hands and comments on how soft they look.

Ninth show of the night

television show elementary

This week’s episode is called “The Parrot in the Room.” It features Sheldon trying to teach Leonard how to swim, Penny having second thoughts about quitting her job, and Raj finding his inner superhero.

Sheldon tries to help Leonard learn how to swim by taking him swimming at a local pool. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go well for either one of them.

Leonard can’t seem to get out of the water fast enough, so he keeps getting dragged down by all the other people who are also learning how to swim. Meanwhile, Sheldon drowns several times because he can’t stop talking.

After spending an hour teaching Leonard what every normal person learns when they try to swim for the first time, Sheldon finally gives up and calls it a day. He gets into his car and drives away with a sad face on.

When he comes back later, Leonard has learned how to swim! He even teaches some of the other students (including himself) how to do some cool tricks like diving and floating.

He then invites everyone else to join him and his new swimming habit.


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