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Adam Scott

Have you ever noticed that there are always at least two main characters in every television show? I mean, look around you – how many shows have more than one major character? Even The Office had Steve Jobs as a secondary protagonist!

I think we can all agree that this is quite the cliche writing style. Almost like TV writers run out of ideas so they include another person in the story to do something totally different- but not because it makes sense or adds anything new to the plot, but just because they’re running out of things for these people to do.

This article will talk about some ways to make your own TV show with this concept. It will also discuss what kind of stories successful TV shows use this method in. Let’s get into it!

#1 Main Character + Secondary Characters = Success

If a writer cannot identify a strong lead character, then no one can tell their story. A lot of times, it is hard to come up with interesting storylines for any other characters except for the main ones.

By having a cast of diverse supporting characters, each individual can bring something unique to the table. This gives your story more depth and variety. An example of this would be Friends, where none of the characters really stood out until season 5 when Ross became the main focus.

Having a large ensemble cast is very common in sitcoms, which is why most people recognize the format.

Breaking Bad

Walter White is an average guy who decides to make his life more exciting by quitting his job as a chemistry teacher and becoming a meth distributor for Heisenberg, a drug lord he meets in a bar.

He soon begins producing and selling cocaine which allows him to live a wealthy lifestyle while also supplying the drug market. But things quickly get out of hand when people start dying around him and he himself becomes very sick due to all the chemicals he has been exposed to.

When everything comes together, it is impossible to look away! The show must have inspired many viewers because there are so many theories about what happens next. Some think that he gets saved at the last minute and recovers, but others believe that nothing can save him and he dies.

There’s one theory that none of these things happen and instead we just watch him go through various stages of depression until he finally commits suicide. This seems the most likely since he never really lived a normal life anyway.

Sex and the City

television show er

While some may consider sex scenes in TV shows to be excessive, there is actually a very interesting psychology behind them. It’s not just about showing it for the sake of showing it, but rather they play an integral part in character development.

Sex scenes can show us something about a person’s true self or what qualities they have that we might never know otherwise. They can also prove important plot points by proving a theory or disproving another.

There are three main reasons why including sex into a television show is good for their characters and the audience. This article will discuss each one.

30 Rock

television show er

Many people enjoy television show episodes that focus heavily on humor. A great way to do this is to use an app called “Er” for your smartphone or tablet. You can download this free app onto your device, and it allows you to make quick changes to text and images.

The most popular version of the app removes any words that are similar to the ones preceding while replacing them with either “er” or “ir.” For example, if someone uses the word “fantastic” they will instead get “enormous.” If they say something like “I loved my new dress!” then their edited sentence would be “I enor-mous love me new dress!”

This app has been around for quite some time, but its popularity has surged in the past few years. People have made theories about why it became so famous, such as how many reviews it receives or how many followers it boasts on social media sites. It is also known for being very easy to use, which may play a factor in its success.

Many people have used this app to give a more humorous twist to telling stories or giving speeches.

True Blood

television show er

In an episode of TV show Trueblood, Eric (Alexander Di Meyer) dates a girl for several days before revealing to her that he is a vampire. He then drinks her blood while she screams and begs for help.

This scene was very disturbing to many people due to how brutal it was. Not only did she not want him to drink from her, but she also seemed scared at what would happen next.

Many people believe this scene should have been left out because it was too violent. Some say that watching this show after reading this will make them feel sick. Others claim that this made their skin crawl in disgust.

It is your choice whether or not you watch this show, but we must all agree that this part of the show was way too graphic. It was hard to watch and caused some people to lose sleep.

The Sopranos

television show er

A lot of people consider The Sopranos to be one of, if not the greatest show ever made, at least among top TV shows. It is known for its rich characters that viewers get to know very well over the course of six seasons, as well as it’s powerful storylines and messages.

The show follows crime boss Tony Soprano, his family and friends, and the things he goes through both personally and professionally.

It focuses mostly on his relationships with other men, but there are some episodes where his wife or children find out about something bad he has done and how he deals with that.

His superiors in the mob sometimes make him do things that are unethical, which he struggles to reconcile with what he believes is right.

Other major themes include power and control, moral ambiguity, life choices, death and afterlife, and personal responsibility. All these concepts apply to individual scenes, events and storylines within the show.

Game of Thrones

television show er

A lot of people get really passionate about TV shows, which is great! Having an invested community that loves your show is totally fine and healthy. But there are some dedicated fan groups out there that go too far- they develop annoying habits and patterns that only increase frustration for other viewers.

The most common one I see time and time again? Online harassment towards fictional characters.

People seem to have lost track of how much empathy they need to give a character in a story. We’re spending hundreds or even thousands of hours every year watching this person’s life, listening to their stories, and on top of all that, we’ve got to feel bad for them when something terrible happens?!

It’s like being forced to watch someone else endure a horrible ordeal while you breathe free outside the window.

Freaks and Geeks

television show er

While not as popular as it was back in the early 2000s, television show Freak’zoid is still entertaining to watch today. Created by Robb Wolf, the series follows high school student Tony DiNozzo (Dwight Salazar Jr.), his best friend Sam Witwicky (Chris Spencer), and their circle of friends as they navigate life at their high school. As with any teen show, there are frequent references made for both comedic value and educational ones as well.

The main premise of the show focuses on whether or not people who enjoy performing different acts are called “freaks” or if they are just normal people who like to do unusual things. This concept tends to carry some heavy weight when it comes to defining what makes someone abnormal and why some people may feel bad about themselves because of this.

However, one thing that most people agree on is that anyone can be weird sometimes. For example, having fun by jumping off of an airplane into water is definitely odd, but not freakish. On top of that, many teens find inspiration from watching these performers and thinking about trying new things.


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