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Adam Scott

A show that focuses almost exclusively on family relationships is a testament to how important families are in our society. Shows like The Goldbergs, Community, and This Is Us all feature different storylines about family units of varying sizes.

The stories often revolve around parents trying to instill good values into their children, or adult siblings who learn to appreciate each other’t existence after a tragedy. Technology plays an integral part in these stories as well, with relatives having to work together to keep in touch or solve current day problems.

Television shows that focus heavily on family are great sources of inspiration for those looking to build strong bonds in their own lives. Creating meaningful connections with loved ones is the most powerful force we have as humans, so why not use this power for good?

This article will talk you through five ways to help your friends and family find a television show they will love.

1) Tell them about it

Surprise someone at lunch with a call from one of their kids telling them that they just finished watching Episode X, Y, or Z of TV show ABC!

Most major streaming services (Amazon, Netflix, etc.) have easy tools that allow you to add show recommendations. Some even go as far as curating a list for you, making it very convenient to do business with them.

The Big Bang Theory

television show family

While not necessarily considered a comedy, The Big Bang Theory is definitely entertaining to watch. Created by Chuck Lorre (The Office, Two And A Half Men), this sitcom follows five close friends who work at a technology company in San Francisco.

At its heart, the show revolves around friendship. Each character brings something unique to the group – Sheldon has his intellectual curiosity; Raj has his over-exuberance; Leonard has his witty comments and logic; Howard has his dramatic tendencies; and Stuart, their boss, keeps them motivated through his no-nonsense style.

However, it’s Beverly who often gets overlooked when talking about the characters as individuals.

Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard each have an arch-enemy they struggle with almost every episode, but none of them seem to notice that her friend Stu is slowly moving away from them due to his own personal struggles. As for how well Howard knows her, it's never made clear if he suspects anything amiss or not.

It was revealed early into the series that she used to be married to him, making her his stepmother. This doesn't mean she wasn't loved before then, though - she clearly had some sort of hold over him back then.

One Tree Hill

television show family

Ever since it made its debut in 2005, one of television’s biggest success stories has been The CW’s teen drama series, One Treehihl. Created by Mark Oftedal (The Vampire Diaries), the show follows high school student Julian (Jason Cook) who just moved to the neighborhood with his father. He quickly meets some interesting people including rich kid Alex (Danielle Vanur/Ian Harding) and popular girl Peyton (Únicé Hantz).

As he gets to know these characters, he discovers that they all come from very different upbringings and homes, but what they have in common is their need for each other’s trust. It becomes clear early on that this group of friends will stick together through everything!

Their relationships are portrayed with great depth and accuracy – something that many TV shows don’t do well. This makes them seem fake or exaggerated at times. But not OneTreehl. They feel real and you can tell everyone involved really cares about each other.

This passion extends beyond the screen as well. Many of the cast members live together outside of filming and attend events together off-camera. And when they aren’t working, you'll probably find them talking shop or hanging out together.

It's easy to see how much they care about each other and want to help each other succeed in life.

The Goldbergs

television show family

While not having an explicit title, The Goldbergs is definitely one of the most identifiable show titles in recent memory. It’s got that catchy, recognizable theme music! And what family doesn’t need some extra love these days? With its focus on the parents as they navigate their own lives while also helping their kids succeed in theirs, this show really resonates with many people.

As we watch the Goldbergs go through life as a family, we can learn a lot from how they interact with each other. At times it may seem like there are never any clear answers to who should be doing what, but at the end of the day, you will find that everyone has earned a break and credit for trying.

At the same time, the parents of The Goldbergs make sure to keep an eye on their children and help them pursue whatever dreams they have. Even if those dreams don’t include becoming doctors or investment bankers, your child isn’t alone — the whole family is here to support him or her no matter what.

Series creator Adam F Braun even notes in an interview that he sometimes feels uncomfortable calling his show “about a family,” because it can sound too simple or generic. He prefers to describe it as a show about “five very different individuals who happen to live under one roof.

The Affair

television show family

This week’s TV show is called The Affair, and it follows two people who meet and fall in love over television. One of them is married to someone else, but they both want to keep things separate for fear their loved ones will find out.

The story chronicles all the tricky situations this can create, as well as how much pain one person can cause another when you put yourself before them.

It also looks at what happens to those left behind when one partner gets divorced or killed. In that case, there are often children involved, so everything shifts even more dramatically.

TV shows like The Affair emphasize the importance of being honest with each other at every turn, something many relationships never have time for because keeping secrets is the norm.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

television show family

As we know, TV show families are a strong bond that always seem to survive even the most difficult situations. With the recent announcement of Fox’s new comedy series, The Gifted, there have been many comparisons to another TV show family – one that is still very popular today!

The Gifted will tell the story of people with powers coming together to fight against a powerful organization that wants to use their abilities for evil. Like the X-Men, this theme focuses on how individuals with diverse strengths work as a team to achieve a common goal.

This may sound familiar because it actually shares its title with an episode from one of our favorite sitcoms of all time!

In the Season 6 premiere of CBS’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the officers in charge of investigating a crime find themselves working alongside each other for the first time since they worked together years earlier. This experience brings out some unexpected conflicts but also creates an incredible bond between them.

Just like The Gifted, this season’t premier focused on characters developing into allies while facing off against external threats. It also features teamwork among friends who learn to get along more than ever before.

Full House

television show family

In the early seasons of The WB, there was an idea to create a show that focused more on family-centered sitcoms. This concept made sense because at the time we had just seen how successful Friends was as a show.

In fact, one could make the case that friends are basically a fully functioning extended family. There’s always someone who makes you feel good about yourself, someone who will never stop trying to win your approval, and someone who will always be willing to help you when you need it.

With all of these things in place, what else would you call a show with those three characteristics? A FAMILY SHOW!

And so, TheWB put together a pilot called Fuller Houses that included the name “Fuller” (of course) along with “Brooke” and “Jill.” But then they decided not to pick up the series, leaving us only with our dreams of having our own house full of relatives.

But while we were left wanting a sibling for Jesse, we got something much better: We got a sister for Joey.

We have already discussed at length how Phoebe is like Aunt Becky, but now she has a younger cousin to look after her. And even though he doesn’t quite understand why Phoebe likes men so much, he does his best to play matchmaker and save her from lonely weekends away.

Fresh Off the Boat

television show family

One of the most popular sitcoms in recent years is definitely not your average show. Created by Matt Gutfeld, Steven Levitt, and Daniel Palladino, it revolves around high school student Eric (Fresh off the boat) – his parents, Aarond and Nicole; older brother, Andre; and younger sister, Violet.

Just like many other families, they have their ups and downs. But what makes this family special is that everything about them seems normal.

They are not very wealthy or well-to-do, but they make enough money to keep up with the rest of America. They live in a house owned by a bank, which includes a pool.

Their house even has its own small backyard where you can find toys for all three children. All of these settings contribute to the fact that the audience feels as if they are part of the family. This helps create an overall feeling of connectedness and friendship.

However, things do get complicated at times. For example, when Mr. and Mrs. Huang try to tell their kids that they are related, the teens refuse because they feel that they know each other already. This creates some funny scenes between the parents and children.

Girl Meets World

This week, we meet our new family! After watching the first few episodes of The CW’s popular show, “GIRL MEETS WORLD,” you will learn some important things about them- their names, what roles they play in the storyline, and how well they relate to each other.

First, let us look at their name. They are called the characters of girl meets world because as the show progresses, these individuals help the main character (the protagonist) grow into an educated young woman with strong moral convictions.

The writers of this show make sure to include references to important topics suchas sexism, racism, classism, gender inequality, etc. so that the audience is exposed to different facets of society. These differences create an environment where people can either agree or disagree, but at least everyone is aware of both sides.

This show teaches its viewers that relationships are not easy and should not be assumed to work automatically. You have to put in effort into it and it may not always succeed, but if you try your best, then it will still be worth it.


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