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Adam Scott

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fling, throw or flip a board? If so, then The Fling Team has got a show for you!

The name of the show is “Flipper” and it is about people who want to learn how to fling a board.

In this show, each person gets in front of the camera and attempts to launch their board as many times and as far as possible within one minute!

This show seems like it would be fun to watch, but there are some things that may make you feel uncomfortable such as when someone fails because they cannot get the board up quickly enough.

Many students find this show hard to watch due to this reason. Some people do not like seeing failures, which can sometimes seem very close to them. This is why most people do not try to dive into the art of throwing a board until they are much older.

Breaking down the show

Let’s talk about how to flippify your own TV show in this article! First, you need to know what it takes to make a television show successful before jumping into producing your own show.

A good producer ensures that everything is running smoothly for their crew and themselves. They are sure to put in enough effort to ensure success, but at the same time they don’t overwork themselves.

This can be tricky when you're trying to run a show as a freelancer, or even if you have a few part-time employees. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help keep yourself sane while also helping your show succeed. These tips will apply whether you're an aspiring superproducer or just wanting to learn more practical production skills.

The first step towards being a great producer is having a goal. What does one want their show to achieve? This could be making other people feel happier, helping them deal with difficult situations, creating an emotional connection, or any number of possibilities.

It's important to know what the audience wants before you start writing and filming, so figure out your goal ahead of time then work from there.

The cast

television show flipper

With each new season, viewers get to see what characters they have already met in the show. This is important as it gives you some context for who these people are outside of this show!

In the case of The Fandom Theory Podcast, our listeners are very close with the characters. They know their personalities well and connect them to other things that occur off-camera or outside of the show’s narrative.

This connection is why many fans feel like they can easily relate to at least one person in the podcast. Many find themselves related to the character Andy because he is so open and honest about his love for anime and manga. Others relate more to Liz because she is such a passionate fan of television shows and movies.

As we all know, The FAPOD is both of those things but also includes The Guild, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones! So there you go–we connected.

The crew

television show flipper

As discussed earlier, watching TV show flippers is one of the most entertaining things you can do if you love all types of television shows. These people actually earn their title by spending hours looking through every single channel to find new programs!

The first thing they will do is watch the opening scenes of each show to get an idea of what kind of movie or series it is. This is called establishing a genre. For example, a show that is known for having lots of action usually starts with some sort of fight scene or car chase so that viewers know this program will feature plenty of action.

After figuring out the genre, the next step is finding a similar theme or event in the setting of the story. For instance, there are many mystery stories about detectives who work cases, so after reading our article about why dogs are man’s best friend, someone could make a detective agency where clients hire them to solve problems.

Next, the crew would research places in the settings of the story that relate to the theme. A detective might learn about forensic science from studying crime scenes, so they would have to look up how to identify fingerprints, dna, and other clues at a murder site.

Once these two concepts are connected, the writer creates a plot for the episode.

The house

television show flipper

Let’s talk about that beautiful, iconic home of TV show Flingable Objects! That sweet cottage in California where all your favorite characters live their best lives.

The setting for most episodes is somewhere within walking distance to the beach or lake, giving the scenes an intimate feel. Sometimes there are references to other parts of the country, but mostly it’s just the Pacific Ocean and some lush green landscapes.

That sense of familiarity makes for great viewing. You get to know the place really well as you watch each episode at least twice.

You can tell when something big is happening because everything looks very polished and perfect. It's like watching a movie instead of television, which makes the experience more special.

And while sometimes the action takes you outside, much of what happens takes place in rooms with only one important thing going on — a table or couch. A lot of conversations happen around this piece of furniture, so those moments stick out as well.

The market

television show flipper

Over the past few years, there have been so many different types of flippers that it can be difficult to know what is fact and fiction when talking about this career option. Some say that with all the new trends, things come and go but nothing truly disappears.

The real estate industry has always had people who invested in or sold properties, but now those individuals are creating their own strategies to invest in homes!

There you have it — one proof that the flippering phenomenon is here to stay. On top of that, some say that this fad will only get better as technology advances.

With every tool at our disposal being a smartphone these days, most of us already have access to powerful software that can help us assess property value.

Why did the show get canceled?

television show flipper

As mentioned earlier, The Flandry’s Restaurant Series was cancelled after its third season in early 2013. This isn’t to say that it didn’t have an incredible run though! It definitely did!

The main reason why the series got cancelled was because of low viewer numbers. A lot of this had to do with timing as well. When the show premiered back in 2010, there were only about 5 million people who watched television, which is a lot of people but not enough for TV. Now however, you can find almost every major network has at least a show that averages 1-2million viewers per episode.

This is great for the networks themselves, but it may be hard to retain sponsors when your show doesn’t quite reach its goal. For example, Chipotle would probably wouldn’t want their advertisements being seen by children if the average number of kids watching the show is just one or two thousand!

Another factor was the format of the show. Since most restaurants don’t typically produce flamboyant or loud entertainment events, the restuarants usually advertise via commercials instead. Because of this, many patrons end up skipping the event due to no advertisement value.

What did the audience think?

television show flipper

Since its premiere in May of 2018, fans have been debating about whether or not The Fandom Team is actually helpful for YouTube flippers. Many believe that it only makes things harder for them to succeed, while others seem to benefit more from the show’s tips.

Overall, I feel like The FanTeam is very polarizing. Some people love the show and want to see more of it, while other users feel just the opposite.

Some examples of this include comments left on our article about how the show can help you be successful as a channel if you take nothing else away from it. Or another comment left here saying that the show gave too much attention to certain types of videos instead of encouraging content creators to develop their own style.

Since we are such big believers in this show, I wanted to give my opinion on why The Fandam Team is so important.

Does this mean there will be a sequel?

television show flipper

It seems like every show these days is trying to be dedicated to inspiring and motivating others through inspiration and motivation. As much as we love The Great Outdoors, it’s kind of hard to watch when all they do is make you feel hopeless and discouraged.

So, what if I told you that there was a TV show that takes place in an entirely different universe where everything is totally opposite and completely demoralizing? A world where people are motivated by despair and misery instead of hope and encouragement?

I’m talking about The Rejected.

The term “reject” may sound harsh, but I use it very deliberately. To reject something means to state with conviction that you will not include something in your life or experience.

It can also mean to state emphatically that you will actively work to prevent something from happening. For example, if someone tries to get you to accept them as a friend, then you should give strong consideration to refusing their offer.


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