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Adam Scott

One of the greatest friendships in television is that of the working class individuals in Brooklyn, New York. They are consistently portrayed in episodes of The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Community. These friends spend most of their time together outside of work talking about sports or politics, sharing inside jokes, and supporting each other through good times and bad.

They are so loyal to one another that even when one of them gets a big job, they stay close. It seems like these people have known each other forever!

The characters in this article will be discussing the show Friends at its tenth anniversary next month. So what are some things you can do to celebrate this milestone?

You can read more about TV show celebrating milestones here. There you will learn how to celebrate your favorite shows’ ten-year anniversaries, as well as some tips and tricks for staying connected with the cast and crew after the event has passed.

This article contains helpful information if you love the show Friends and want to keep up with the latest developments. You may also enjoy reading our list of reasons why people admire Friends.

Breaking Bad

television show friends

Almost ten years ago, AMC premiered their television show called Breaking Bad. The show follows high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as he is forced into making money by manufacturing illegal methamphetamines.

He eventually decides to go down this dark path after he crosses lines of morality in his life and his career. Along with him there are many other characters that we get to see more of as the season goes on. Some are friends or colleagues who help him along the way, while others are antagonists trying to stop him.

The show is very intense at times. There are scenes that are very dramatic and emotional which makes it interesting to watch. These types of shows have become popular because they can attract different audiences depending on what emotions you are feeling at any given time.

Breaking Bad has shown us that even though people may seem like good guys on the surface, under all of that is someone who will do unthinkable things for themselves. It also explores how people are influenced by those around them and vice versa.

One Tree Hill

television show friends

There are many ways to classify a show as “dramatic”, but one of the most common is by the use of characters. A character-driven show is one where the story and plot are usually propelled by the actions and reactions of its characters.

Television shows that fit this description are very popular and have made lots of money for their producers because they see them as an easy way to bring in large audiences.

A great example of this is The Office – the stories always revolved around the interactions between the employees in the office space or the conversations they had with each other.

The viewers would watch along side these characters, so it was able to draw in large numbers of spectators. This also applies to hit TV series like Grey’s Anatomy or How To Bake Beautiful Cookies.

These types of shows appeal not only due to the audience engagement, but also their ability to create strong emotions within the viewer. You feel for the characters, you are shocked by certain events, and sometimes you even laugh at the situations and people involved.

Sex and the City

television show friends

As we all know, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw has always had a lot of fun in her life. She enjoys spending time with friends, going out for coffee or drinks, and traveling to new places. While some may think she has it all, she is not one who takes herself too seriously.

Carrie often times finds herself in uncomfortable situations where she must try to figure out what to do. This happened when she found herself alone at night while staying at a friend’s house.

She was able to talk herself into having sex by thinking about how beautiful his children would look sleeping next to them. Her main reasoning was that if he wanted to be with someone else then he should be because his children love him so much.

After sex, she realized she didn’t feel anything other than disgust towards him. Even though she loved him as a person, she felt like things took away from what she wanted for herself.

Her self-esteem was hurt, making it hard for her to enjoy simple things such as watching TV or reading a book. It also affected her relationship with her friends since she wasn’t very open with people.

30 Rock

television show friends

One of my favorite show friends is the quirky crew on NBC’s The Office. They include main characters like paper salesman Michael, his friend-turned-girlfriend Kelly, receptionist Pam, accountant Dwight, and CEO Robert “Hacker Bob” Palmer. These individuals constantly challenge each other to find new ways to motivate themselves and inspire others around them.

The writers for the show have created many memorable scenes through these character interactions. Some examples are when Kelly tries to teach business to everyone in the workplace or when Pam uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants from someone. I especially love watching Hacker Bob struggle to relate to people due to his high level position at Dunder Mifflin.

These types of scenes make me laugh because they are so true to life. The writer(s) must spend a lot of time observing real office workers and then incorporating those lessons into their script. A good example is the scene where Michael learns how to do his job as a sales professional better than anyone else in the company. He makes it clear that he does not want to be replaced yet he cannot seem to connect with his colleagues and customers. This movie was inspired by an actual situation where someone close to him failed to help him succeed and made him feel bad about himself.

My personal favorite episode is one called “Women And Men”. It features Kelly trying to learn how to bake professionally while also juggling her relationship with Michael.

Dawson’s Creek

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While television has changed substantially over the past few years, one thing that will always be there is the need to connect with other people. We still need to watch TV shows that we enjoy and then talk about them with our friends or family.

Television show friend groups have you watching different episodes of a show together as a way to connect. It can be because you are related to someone who works in the industry or because you both like the same type of food or music. No matter what it is, these groups of people find common ground through their shared passion and chat about it while they watch the show.

There was a time when this couldn’t exist due to the limitations of technology. People would meet at movie theaters where everyone could see the screen but now we have smaller devices that allow for more private conversations. With all of the ways to consume media, creating group settings has become much easier.

Full House

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In the early seasons of The WB, there was this show called Friendings or as people call it now, The WB at its peak! This is where we meet most of the friends that you will see in other shows such as Charmed, Gilmore Girls, and even The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Some of these characters would go onto bigger things like Joey Tribbiani (aka Chandler) from Friends who had his own sitcom and Phoebe (Gina), one of our favorites, who has her very own show now.

The premise for all of these shows was that each character wanted to be famous so they created their own show by doing something they were passionate about. These shows focused more on how funny the person creating the show was than anything else, which made them laugh a lot.

One of my favorite characters from this era of television was Jesse Katsopolis, also known as Mr. Chow. He played an aspiring chef with a best friend who happened to play guitar for a living. His goal was always to open up a restaurant and have it succeed so he would constantly put in extra effort into making it work.

He never gave up on himself or his dreams and this inspired me to keep working hard towards what I want to achieve. A successful restaurant business includes keeping yourself healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally, so make sure to do those right before opening your doors.


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