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Have you ever wanted to give up TV completely? Well, I’ve got good news for you! There are many great web series that do not require much investment time or money. You can easily watch all of them free online!

Many people have made a career off of their YouTube channel where they make entertaining videos that gain popularity and income. These channels typically start with someone who loves something media-outfit has and makes fun of it in different ways. Then they develop an audience and earn money through advertising or products sponsored by companies.

There are several reasons why having your own TV show is now possible for almost anyone. Technology such as YouTube allows individuals to create and release their own television shows. This article will talk about some easy steps to get started as well as some important things to consider when investing in this medium.

Breaking Bad

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Walter White, otherwise known as Heisenberg, is an average man living an extraordinary life. A college chemistry professor with no flashy credentials or big accomplishments, he earns his paycheck by producing illegal methamphetamine in his garage.

He eventually sells enough of the drug to make it into the underworld and become rich beyond his wildest dreams. But this only lasts for so long before someone discovers him and takes everything away.

Other characters on the show notice something strange about Walt and decide to do some research. They discover that there’s more to him than just your typical meth dealer and they all seem pretty sad while talking to him. This sparks their curiosity even further!

So, what kind of person spends all day making drugs and then watches TV shows and movies alone? It doesn’t add up. And since everyone around him seems unhappy, others start asking questions too.

It’s at this point that people realize how much money he has and try to get some back. Or maybe they just want to quit being his friend and go their separate ways.

Either way, the ball gets rolling and soon everybody knows about his secret life. Even his family finds out when they learn where he keeps his expensive jewelry and belongings. What will happen next always shocks viewers but never ceases to keep them intrigued.

Doctor Who

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As we know, the show has gone through many changes in its long history- from serialized stories to fully fledged seasons, with or without a narrator. It also changed from airing once a week to every night of the week and even across different channels!

But one thing that hasn’t fluctuated is the main cast member: The doctor himself! There have been ten actors to play this iconic role so far, each bringing their own style to the character.

While some remain relatively similar to how they were when the character first appeared, other versions completely reimagine the character and storyline! This article will discuss our top five favorite doctors of all time.

The Office

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While not as popular now, The Office is one of the most beloved sitcoms ever created. Created by British writer Ricky Gervais and American director Paul Feig, it follows the everyday lives of office employees in an advertising agency in Chicago.

The show premiered back in May of 2009 with only eight episodes but quickly became a hit. It’tched off again in March of 2010 for its short season two run before being picked up for a full season in September that year. Since then, it has been awarded several awards including three Golden Globes and five Screenplay Awards.

It’s hard to overstate just how influential this show is in our culture today. Not only is it known for its witty banter and lovable characters, but it also gave us some of TV’s best running gags.

A few examples include the “womp womp" moment when Dwight (played by Rainer Duke) learned he had been promoted to manager or the time Michael (Jared Ryan Gurland) accidentally set his apartment on fire while trying to cook rice.

But perhaps my favorite gag comes at the end of series finale which saw the entire cast get fired from their jobs. As they left the studio, everyone made sure to compliment each other and say goodbye properly before going their separate ways.

One Tree Hill

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Many people can remember watching One Tree Hills’s first season as it came to an end with a huge cliffhanger. As we all know, this left us craving for more of both characters and story lines!

Fortunately, television producers are never short on ideas, so rest assured there will be another season at some point!

Many have speculated about what happens next for each character aside from the main ones such as Peyton, Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, and Julian.

Some think that Chris eventually marries Peyton while others believe he is too focused on his career to worry about marriage right now.

Other theories include him moving in with her or them getting married after she gives birth to their child.

True Blood

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Over the past few years, an increasing number of TV shows have made a name for themselves by putting emphasis not only on entertainment, but also social messages. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, How to Bake, and others all contribute in some way to their audience.

Many of these shows focus on incorporating important lessons about life and career into their storylines. They may even go so far as to use settings or characters that are clearly inspired from real-life situations.

Overall, these applications make for interesting viewing. You get invested emotionally in the stories, and it leaves you thinking about what you could do in similar situations.

But beyond just being entertaining, many of these shows achieve something more significant – they portray positive values. These include things such as self-confidence, teamwork, acceptance, love, and hope.

These qualities can be applied to everyday life, and thus the show succeeds in its goal. However, there is one major downfall with this technique – the viewers start to feel good when watching the show!

It becomes harder to stay negative and critical than before. Thus, the overall mood of the audience is altered, which can influence people around them. This effect is called internalization, and it is not desirable.

Internalization happens when individuals adopt the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of another person or group. In other words, instead of acting negatively towards someone, you begin to believe in their positive attributes.

30 Rock

As we all know, television has been around for quite some time. It was not until our current day and age however that it became very popular. With technology being one of its main ingredients, people have now got access to watch almost any show anywhere at any time.

This is great because as human beings, we are always wanting to see what else there is out there! And with every device having a built in screen, watching TV has never been more accessible.

Television show: The sitcom

Summary: A comedy genre that revolves around mostly characters living together, usually in an apartment or house setting. This format allows for many stories to be told due to the different situations these individuals find themselves in.

The best example of this is probably Friends, where six separate characters live across America after their close friends decide to move away.

Another classic sitcom is Seinfeld, where the main character works in a field he is passionate about but constantly feels like he is putting in excessive effort. He spends most of his time feeling undervalued and frustrated.

These types of shows are interesting to watch because they give you a sense of how people relate to each other in various settings. They also show the effect that external forces can have on someone’s life.

TV shows: Beyond the simple laugh

There are several ways to enjoy a good sitcom outside of just laughing at funny jokes and scenes.

Full House

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Many have described the 1990s as an era of “dysfunction” in our society, one where we were constantly being bombarded with sex, violence, and consumerism. This is not false – there was indeed a lot of it! But what many fail to realize is that this overindulgence started earlier than the decade.

In fact, the eighties were just as bad if not worse when it came to media content. The eighties are often referred to as the “Glorious Eighties” or even the “Good Times” due to their relatively positive outlook on life.

But while these terms may sound attractive, they lack precision. A term like “glorious” can be applied to any time period when people seem to agree on something. A term such as “good times” suggests only good things happened during that span of time, which isn’t necessarily true.

So how do you define the ‘80s? What makes the years in between 1980 and 1989 glorious instead of just plain boring?

Well, let’s look at some examples of TV shows from that time frame and see what we find.

First, here’s a show that most people have heard of…

Give me a break!

This sitcom follows the exploits of three brothers who run their family business (a fast food restaurant) together.

Dawson’s Creek

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While most teen dramas are about young people going through difficult phases of life, such as when they struggle with love or friendship, or when they question their place in the world, what sets “Dawson’s Creek” apart is that it also focuses on how much older its characters admire and look up to the teenagers themselves.

In fact, one of the show’s main storylines involves James (James Van Der Beek) trying to figure out whether or not his best friend Sean (Benjamin McKenzie) likes him more than he like Sean. This storyline happens around episodes eight and nine of season two, and it really highlights how important it is for adults to understand your peers.

If you notice that your friends seem more mature than other students, try to find out why.


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