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Adam Scott

All you need to know about The Fuller Family comes down to one word: family! This is a very important part of the show, making it very successful as it draws in audience members across all ages. There are always at least two parents working full-time jobs who make time to spend with their kids every day, and they’re never too busy for them.

The show follows the everyday lives of the Fuller siblings – Jesse (Jaleel Abdulajab), Becky (Jacqueline Kenney) and Tommy (Blake Davis) along with their father DJ (John Schneider) and mother Jackie (Joan Reaver).

They live together in an apartment building that has been adapted into each sibling’s room; therefore, there’s only one bedroom left for Dad and Mom! Luckily for the writers, this creates lots of funny situations that can’t be avoided in any household.

There’s also a second floor where most of the scenes take place, which gives the setting more depth. Many viewers have referred to this as “the basement” because it feels like a separate home area from the rest of the house. This allows for some cool interactions between the characters, such as when someone notices that something looks weirdly familiar.

Another reason why people refer to The Fuller Family as a show about families is due to its use of humor.

There are flashbacks to each of the characters

television show full house

A lot of people love The Fuller House because it is a nice, entertaining reboot of an old show. It may even be said that some people love this show more than the original!

Many fans enjoy watching the new episodes as they bring back memories of the classic sitcom. An example of this is when Rebecca was talking about her brother’s wedding and she mentioned how much she missed Uncle Jesse. Many viewers were reminded of his famous line “Uncle Jesse would have done something!”

Another example is when Bob wanted to know why he didn’t get any presents for his birthday, so he asked where everyone went. He then remembered what happened in one of their flashbacks and laughed.

This article will talk more in depth about these two examples and other ways the writers use flashbacks in The Fuller House. However, before we begin, let us look at another important part of the show? The theme song!

The theme song is very catchy and has received many reactions from all types of listeners. Some even add lyrics to make it their own personal anthem!

The main reason the song gets noticed by most people is due to the music and the vocals. Both sound good together and contribute to the overall feel of the episode.

Overall, the songs used for the show match the tone and style of the series well. They are not too dramatic or soft, but rather somewhere in between.

There are also current events that the characters are a part of

television show full house

In 2017, there have been several TV shows that use this device to great success. One such show is The Goldbergs which follows the family-centric life of Jay (Johnny Galecki), Barry (John Krasinski) and their son Gabby (Eliot Gould).

The show begins with scenes set in the 1980’s where we see the parents as young adults. It then skips forward ten years to when they have kids of our own and it is clear that these parents are not only successful but happy.

This inspiration comes from the TV show Full House which ran for nine seasons back in the 1990’s. During its run, it focused on the parents of Jesse (Joey Potter), Michelle (Penny Johnson Jr.) and Becky (Jill Baker) Gable.

In both shows, you get to watch the characters grow and find happiness in different aspects of their lives. These include having children, being married and spending time together as a family.

When the show begins, the Tanner family is living in the house that they bought

television show full house

With their son Jesse now attending college, the couple decides it’s time to move out and start afresh. They decide to sell their home and buy a new one closer to where Paul works so he can easily get to work.

However, things quickly take a turn when the seller refuses to give them what she thinks is her rightful property – an old box of dried up pottery left over from the house.

She claims it as hers and wants money for it even though no one else seems to know anything about it.

In fact, not only does no one seem to know who owned the pottery before her, but there are also several other boxes just like it at the house. The sellers claim that someone must have broken into the house and taken these pieces years ago, leaving all this leftover junk.

They moved into the house with their friends, Janel, Steve, and Dave

After they graduated high school, Sean (Jesse) and Justin (Tori) got jobs that took them away for long periods of time, so they left before they could start living together as roommates. But they remained close friends, and when both couples decided to move in together, they were happy to invite the other couple to be part of the room and bed sharing situation!

They called themselves The Dynamic Duo because each roommate would do different things for the others- like make dinner or take care of the kids while the friend was working late, or help get the other person ready for work in the morning.

Their friendship is strong to this day, and it’s one of the few partnerships where both people feel like what happens in the bedroom is just totally private. They have a lot of fun doing things as a family, but outside the home they remain best friends.

They all live together until the house is sold

television show full house

Following the conclusion of The Brady Bunch, ABC decided to reboot the show with an adult audience. Titled Fuller House, this new sitcom follows three siblings who move into their childhood home after their parents get divorced.

The series features two brothers and one sister. A lot of people compare it to The Brady Bunch because of the family setting and theme, but there are some major differences.

This show does not feature any children at all! This changes things slightly when they do appear in the episodes, as they are always accompanied by at least one child.

There is only one main character per sibling, which makes for different storytelling opportunities. For example, you could see how each individual behaves without having to include scenes where everyone else is. You can also focus more on a specific person or relationship if needed.

Overall, these changes make for a unique storyline every time something dramatic happens. There are many ways to use off-screen characters in television, so being able to add to that is interesting.

When the show begins, the father is a judge

television show full house

As the show progresses, however, it becomes clear that this dad isn’t just any old lawyer. He’s actually an attorney at the very same law firm as his son!

His senior partner even calls him “younger brother” in one episode, showing how close they are.

This doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you remember what happened to Uncle Jesse back in season 2. You see, when he tried to quit his job as DJ for The Morning Zoo, his superiors made sure to promote someone else instead so people wouldn’t forget who was in charge.

It turns out that person was not only their boss, but also his best friend! Which makes sense since they worked together all those years ago before becoming parents themselves.

So now we have two professional men with kids whose bosses are friends who work together too. What could possibly go wrong?

Luckily, Allie and Michelle don’t find out the truth about Phil and Rebecca’s marriage for quite some time. But once they do, there’s no going back. It’s too late for them, and it’s too late for everyone around them.

You can read my article more here: Why TV Shows About Parents Are So Addicting.

The mother is a teacher

television show full house

When you watch TV shows like Fuller House, you get to see how important your life can be as a parent. All too often, parents feel that their lives are limited to work, kids, and housekeeping or hobbies they already have before becoming parents.

But what if we gave you an opportunity to show off some of your talents? What if we told you that your job was to raise two little people who will one day grow up and want more from you than ever before?

It’s hard being a parent, but it’s even harder when you don’t know what you’re supposed to do next. You may feel confused, stressed, and overwhelmed.

You might also feel guilty for not knowing everything there is to know about being a parent. But none of that matters unless you are willing to put in the effort.

The sons are Jim, John, and Joey

television show full house

As children, we sometimes look up to our older brothers or men that are much more experienced than us. They have lived longer lives so they know what doing things is like! This inspiration can also come from watching their behaviors and how they handle themselves.

We often copy these behaviors and styles until we are able to develop our own. In the case of the TV show full house, the young boys inspired me to be my best self.

They always seemed happy with who they were and did not compare themselves to other people. They instead focused on being the best person they could be while encouraging each other to do the same.

I will never be the most talented musician, dancer, athlete, etc., but I will keep trying until I find something that makes me feel accomplished and relaxed. My life will still lack perfection, but it will be closer to it.


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