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Why Are Hollywood Movies So Popular?

Adam Scott

I think everyone understands what a movie is. It is a 3- to 5-hour event that entertains and entertains us. It is a rite of passage that one should never miss.

It is an art form of great value. Although we all love to enjoy the glitz and glamour of movie stars, movies are not just about the movies.

People also use movies to learn and expand their minds. There is a common perception that movie is something superficial, a product of great minds but a product we do not need.

Movie categorieswoman in white shirt sitting on black chair

When you think about it, we enjoy movies for different reasons. It is almost as if there are different levels to movies, as if there are multiple spectrums to movies.

There are really only two categories to movies:

  • Pure entertainment
  • Education

Types of pure entertainment

There are 3 types of pure entertainment:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theatre

Music is purely entertainment. In fact, when I say entertainment, I also mean an impulse that goes against your body's rhythm.

These types of movies typically involve loud sound or jarring music which can be harmful to your health if you listen for long periods. A good example is the listening to noise in public places, a type of pure entertainment known as “kerb rocking.”

So why do people enjoy music? The answer to this question is complex and multifaceted. It involves seeing and hearing something.

Maybe that’s why most people do not enjoy songs because they think of it as a chore. Or maybe they think of it as an inside joke, which might be interesting, but does not bring people together.

Sometimes it is because music is pure sensory stimulation. There is nothing that can match music for pure sensory stimulation.

What of Hollywood at present day?Hollywood Sign Panorama; Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA. 2019/winter

Hollywood is in a slump, so why are the Hollywood movies so popular? A good place to start is with the poster boy of Hollywood, George Clooney.

George Clooney and Matt Damon are two of the top-grossing male actors in the world, who have both received awards for their acting. In other words, they have been doing well.

But it is what they do in between films that is amazing.

The award-winning director Michael Mann, created an investigative series, called Heat, which was only released in theaters. It is based on the book written by authors Don Winslow and Matt Damon.

The book Heat is a political thriller that centers around two narcotics detectives working in Los Angeles. They form a relationship and make plans to run an illegal business which will bring them more money and fame.

They are heavily helped by drug cartels.

Why are the Hollywood movies so popular? In a word, money.

There is more money in the Hollywood business than in the scientific world. Money gives people power over people.

People have power over other people in the Hollywood business. Power over money also gives people power over other people, because there are so many people in the Hollywood business who are both extremely wealthy and possess power over the other people.

It is the biggest bubble in the history of mankind. Not a day goes by that the news does not inform us of a new Hollywood bubble that is about to burst.

Government and the mass mediaChecking message status

In the US, we have an interesting situation. The money from the government is used to control the mass media.

Even though the government is not the creator of the mass media, the people who live in the country are able to determine which media they consume. The masses have access to all the content produced by the media because the government gives them public broadcasting channels and public access channels.

For example, the American people are able to access the National Public Radio (NPR) website, via a cable or satellite provider. They are also able to access public television via a cable or satellite provider.

What this means is that the public has access to a vast amount of information. What it means for the government is that the government cannot control what information is available to the people.

And what this means for the people is that they can freely choose what media they consume, and even more than that, they are able to restrict the people to what media they consume. That is why the media in the US has become so one-sided.

People are being misled. There is so much money involved, that people have power over each other in the Hollywood business.

If you are not as rich or as well-connected as the others, you are out of luck. This is why so many of the movies are violent.

There is so much money on the line. People have money on the line in the Hollywood business.

Sometimes even the movie stars are in on the action. This is not the case now, but in the past, they had to put on a show to make it all seem real.

They had to pretend to be violent for the cameras. But this is no longer the case.

Now, people are intelligent and aware, they know the truth and they know it is fake. And because the public is aware of what is going on, the Hollywood business has become very lame.


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